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Nowadays, the printer has become an almost indispensable computer tool for personal and professional use. At the time of dematerialization and mass storage of digital data, the printer is always appreciated because it is irreplaceable. In addition, the printer has evolved considerably and offers a wider use than ever before.
Some printer models now embody many features and allow users to become more autonomous to produce their own information media. That is why it is important to define the main use of the printer to choose the model that best suits your needs. The printers we are interested in here are inkjet printers, laser printers and multifunction printers whether laser or inkjet.

Xerox Phaser 7800

The benchmark of quality for graphic arts.

Unparalleled colour printing the greatest flexibility in types and grammages of paper in the industry. Professional technologies for colour management. These are the main aspects of the Phaser 7800 printer; the only tabloid-sized colour printer of its kind that provides the full complement of advanced capabilities required by today's most demanding graphical environments. Now, any company that produces significant volumes of high resolution prints, such as advertising agencies, graphic design studios, marketing and communication firms, photo studios, among others, will be able to make the crucial impressions of their business in their own facilities, thanks to the unrivalled cutting-edge technologies of the Phaser 7800 colour printer.

Quality of colour printing of the Service Centres, without the need to resort to them If your work demands the best possible quality in colour printing, the Phaser 7800 colour printer is the appropriate option. With the winning combination of consistently superior image quality and professional level technologies for

the reproduction of colours, no other tabloid-sized printer, gives creative professionals the freedom to produce more communications directed to their customers, printing on their own premises.

• 1,200 x 2,400 dpi real. The Phaser 7800 colour printer provides high resolution printing to consistently generate realistic images, photos and graphics, as well as crisp text and fine detail on the lines.

• The colours you expect, with reliable precision. PANTONE calibrates solid colour simulations and, together with Xerox colour correction technology, presents results that meet your expectations. Adobe PostScript 3 ensures accuracy you can trust.

• Seeing believes. The impressions that until now could only be achieved in specialized professional places today are available to surprise your clients and potential clients. The Phaser 7800 printer produces bright, vivid colours, deep rich blacks, and the smoothest transitions between colours: no stripes, bands, or stripes.

• The exact colour, without risks. The software Phaser Match 5.0, for the administration and the calibration of the colour, includes the device for the measurement of the colour Phaser Meter driven by X-Rite. Add a professional level of colour control and help maintain colour accuracy in each and every print and on all output devices.

• Easy visualization Shocking quality in colour is nothing if the public can not easily understand the message. Advanced interception technology ensures sharp edges and avoids gaps between adjacent colours. In addition, black text on colour background and colour text on black background always print clearly and clearly.

• Advanced technology in print heads. The Phaser 7800 colour printer includes the Xerox Hi-Q LED print head, which provides better point-to-point intensity and synchronization control, in addition to producing accurate colour registration. For more detail call at Xerox support number.

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